10 Delicious Things You Can Make Out Of Melted Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Nothing beats a cooling dessert that slowly melts in your mouth on a hot summer day. However, some people like to eat ice cream not only in the summer, and they can also be quite understandable – it’s too delicious. Chefs are constantly coming up with new amazing recipes, trying to make the dessert even more impressive and interesting. Some of these options are becoming quite popular. Discover the most original ways to serve ice cream – you may want to get to know some of them this summer, if you go on a trip. Tacos with ice cream Ice cream is an invention that is guaranteed to win over connoisseurs of Mexican cuisine.

In California, you can try sweet tacos filled with ice cream. Unique dessert flavors are used, and everything is decorated with chocolate syrup, sugar sprinkles, candies and even edible gold on top. As a result, the dessert is not only delicious, but also extremely unusual in appearance – you will probably want to share photos on social networks. Kakigori Summer is a traditional Japanese dessert that is more than a hundred years old. It was first served in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1869. Since then, this dish has remained one of the most popular summer treats. Kakigori is made from ice chips with a variety of syrups. The dessert can have the taste of cherries, strawberries, green tea, melons, grapes, plums, and it can be just sweet, without flavor.

Sometimes condensed milk is used for cooking, it turns out even more sweet and appetizing. Ice Cream Flowers Dessert You will be captivated by this dessert-ice cream is made in the shape of a magnificent flower! Perhaps sweets have never looked so wonderful. Of course, the taste is also very important, but the unique design definitely plays a role and makes the dessert more attractive. If you love ice cream, you should definitely try it in this form. Ice cream sandwiches and macaroon cookies Ice cream Classic macaroons are beautiful in themselves, but with an ice cream filling it turns out especially delicious. This is simply a heavenly dessert that will conquer even the discerning gourmet. The creamy taste of the ice cream makes the traditional macaroon even more delicate – it is a great addition to a cup of coffee. If you love French macaroons and creamy desserts, you should definitely try a combination of them!

This ice cream is dark gray-its appearance is quite impressive. It also has unusual flavors: cherry with chocolate, rice with mango, unicorn tears or blue vanilla. Tasting such a dessert will definitely be an interesting experience for every gourmet. Burrito with ice cream Dessert This unique dessert can be tasted in Ontario, Canada, where it was recently invented. Three balls of ice cream are sprinkled with colorful sugar sprinkles, and then wrapped with cotton candy. It turns out a burrito-like roll that will charm every sweet tooth. Be sure to try it if you like unusual sweets and are not afraid of such a large amount of carbohydrates. Space ice cream Dessert Money Tree pleases with lush flowering: my secret is in the care of the leaves The Brazilian rides 36 km on a bicycle every day to take his beloved home Women’s jeans: before you buy them, you need to pay attention to one detail Space and the galaxy-this is an extremely impressive sight.

There is a pastry chef who is able to reproduce the beauty of the stars in their desserts. The popsicle glaze turns out shining galaxies, which are even a pity to eat. Unfortunately, the exact secret of making such a glaze is unknown, and it will be very difficult to repeat it at home. Ice cream in the form of spaghetti Ice cream May seem like a pile of Italian pasta, but in fact it is a German ice cream. This unusual dessert is made with the help of a special press that creates a unique dish from ice cream. Vanilla ice cream is served with sauce and nuts. You can also add nut paste on top. This is a very original dish – you will find it hard to believe that you are not eating carbonara, but dessert! Glow-in-the-dark Ice Cream Summer This interesting ice cream is created as if specially for Halloween. It uses jellyfish protein, which makes the dessert glow as soon as you start eating. The treat is quite expensive – you need to spend two hundred dollars for a portion. But it will be the most unusual dish that you have ever eaten, so for some such expenses will be quite justified. Non-melting ice cream Dessert Ice cream has only one drawback – it melts too quickly. What if this problem can be fixed? Not so long ago, there was an ice cream that really does not melt, absolutely. This is an option for astronauts – you can take this dessert with you anywhere.

There are different tastes. It seems that even the wildest dreams come true! Of course, it is worth recognizing that this dessert is somewhat inferior to the original ice cream, but the unusual emotions when using it and the convenient form still make it worthy of interest even for the most demanding sweet tooth. – Read more at SYL.ru:

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