Twaggies Contest Poll and My Favorite Toys from the 90’s

by Eden on January 26, 2012

If you are here for the Eden Twaggs contest, scroll down. But you should read this anyway cause all my posts are awesome.ra

Its “flashback Friday” and from my previous posts, you guys sure like all these nostalgic recaps. So today, I’m revealing my favorite toys that today seem so simple and border-line lame compared to the toys today’s kids have. It kind of scares me that kids today point at pay phones and dial-up modems and ask, “What’s that?!”.

sniff, sniff.


Anyhow, here are awesome, seemingly lame toys I loved as a kid:

My Little Pony

If you are a frequent reader of my blog, this isn’t a surprise. I wasn’t really a “girly girl” but this is where I got pretty girly. I fucking loved those ponies. Why did I love them?

  • Sparkly plastic horses
  • brushable hair,
  • glitter
  • their butt smelled like vanilla cake!

    I welcome their farts.


Come on! This was a no fail concept!

Look! Its "Kill Bill" pony!

Lite Brite
On the surface, Lite Brite seemed lame because the television commercials always showed kids making elaborate patterns with the tiny bulbs, thus leading most people to think this toy had great artistic potential.

it reeks creativity. really. yes, really.

 And then when you actually got your own, it was sort of a buzz kill to find out you’d be working from the pre-made pattern punch-out sheets. But thats why I loved it! I made me a much better “artist” or “crafter” than I actually was! Sure, a false sense of self confidence but I personally loved spending hours clicking faux-lit dots into simulated slots.What kid wouldn’t?
What kind of a child wouldn’t adore playing with stacks of bottle-cap-esque disks and later bashing them with a heftier cap?
 I have no idea why I like these so much. I guess us kids from the 90’s were easily amused. Cause really, you just couldn’t sell that to today’s kid with iPads, Xbox, Wii, and whatever else kids these days amuse themselves with. They’d be bored to tears before you could even utter the word “slammer”.

stand back. this could get ugly.

Gak was another one of those inexplicable phenomenons like Pogs that only children could understand.

not my spawn. duh.

 After all, it had no purpose outside of my distractability and bemusement. But it was awesome for a few simple reasons:
  • Perfect hybrid of slime and silly putty with whoopie-cushion-style talents.
  • Nickelodeon produced it (and I was basically Nickelodeon’s bitch when I was a kid)
  • Gak came in lots of other varieties: glow-in-the-dark, scented, multi-packs…
Sure, they made your hand smell awful, they got stuck on the carpet, and unlike play-dough, it definitely WAS NOT EDIBLE. Nonetheless, I still loved that slimy, messy, neon-colored, fart-noise-producing goo.


What toys did you love as a kid? Were they as useless as the ones I liked? Am I really the only one that finds pleasure in making fart noises with Gak?

Ok, on to our Eden Twags contest!

Out of all the entries, the twaggies team chose their top five and now its YOUR turn to chose the winner! Voting ends Monday, Jan 30 at 7 pm PST.

*I’d like to thank the Twaggies team for their participation and Janetha for technical/emotional support

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