Things That Annoy Me That I Don’t Think Should

by Eden on April 3, 2012

Lately, I’ve been feeling like too much is out of my control.

My dad’s terminal illness taking it’s toll has something to do with it.

Ever since my mom died, I’ve always had control issues but now its gotten worse. I know in my head I would be happier if I would just “go with the flow” but its so hard when such horrible things that are happening.

Hence I think I have accumulated an incredibly long, weird, and insignificant list of things that get on my nerves. So the following are a minor list of things that annoy me, that really shouldn’t:


1. When people freak out because I haven’t heard of something.

“What?! You have never heard of/seen [insert band/movie/blog/incredible-life-changing-thing here]! How can you even be a legit human in society without hearing of this thing that I know that you don’t!? Dude, you can’t even breathe, sleep, eat, or go about your life before I show you this ASAP!”.


2. Toilet paper that dispenses from underneath.

God intended the roll to dispense from the top. Yes, he did. It’s in one of the bibles or something. In restrooms where I find this “under” criminal offense, I usually feel compelled to change the orientation of the roll.


3. Saying “I Don’t Like Bread”.

No, you’re just afraid carbs. Bread is incredible and you know it you carb-o-phobe. This shouldn’t annoy me because everyone has a different palette but I think we can all agree bread is delicious.


4. My love for diet soda

I hate that I love diet soda so much. Its so terrible for me and makes me bloated but I just love it. For the record, I despise diet coke but all other diet sodas are fair game.


5. Babies

Again, I have no idea why. I’m sorry if you have babies or are a baby (and my you must be a smart baby if you’re reading this) but you annoy me. Grow up a little and then we’ll talk.


6. Claiming to have discovered some wonderful food combination or recipe

There are lots of people in the world. Everyone had to eat. I highly doubt you “discovered” anything. Its probably been done before unless it involves non edible items like cement or chalk (and if that’s the case, I suggest you call poison control).


7. Tuesday.

There has never been a Tuesday that made me feel happy. At least Monday is right after the weekend, Wednesday is half-way through the week, Thursday is almost Friday, and Friday is the weekend. Tuesday just sucks.


8. People that constantly hashtag everything on Twitter

I’m sorry, but that does not make you cool, and it is not going to get you more followers. They need to be used sparingly. #ok?


9. People that put really lame questions at the end of their blog posts.

like me…


What minor things annoy you that you feel shouldn’t? And for the sake of annoyance #9, why dont you come up with a lame question to ask me.

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