The Perks Of Living Alone

by Eden on June 4, 2012

Living in the house I grew up in without my parents is kinda strange.

I’m beyond thankful I even have a house and thankful I have a puppy to keep my company, but this is indeed the first time I’m living “alone”. I’ve had roommates throughout my life and for the first time ever, I don’t need to keep the house a certain way for anybody.

Not a roommate, or parents, or landlords, nobody!

I don’t plan to move, but I do plan on redecorating a little bit. I keep wanting to “ask my dad” if I can paint a certain area or whatever, but then I realize I don’t really have anybody to ask permission anymore. In some ways it a perk, but in my situation, its kinda sad.

But I’m sick of being sad.

So lets count the awesome things about living by myself (plus Lolli):

1) There’s No Fashion Police

I can wear whatever the fuck I want!

Sweatpants, Uggs, garder-belts, Snuggies, leotards, hammer pants, overalls, or nothing at all!  You can’t do that with a roommate or a boyfriend around (especially hammer pants!) without them thinking you’re a weirdo. Its a special kind of luxury that I shouldn’t take for granted.


2) You’ll Find Yourself Hilarious

Yes my friends, this will happen.

Even if you’re incredibly unfunny and totally serious.

It often won’t even be all that funny and it’ll probably just be from a dumb thought that’ll pop up in your head. But hey, it’s amazing how hilarious you can be when no one’s watching.


3) You Will Have More Toilet Paper

Unless you’re wealthy (in which case, marry me), paying everything without splitting it will start to make you a little bit more concious about your wallet. But don’t fret, because you won’t need to replace toilet paper as often.


4) “Dessert” can be Dinner

There is no judgement if I have an ice cream sundae for dinner and I can ban brussel sprouts without any objections!


5) You Will Feel Less “Alone”

Ever since I moved into my dad’s house after he passed, I get a ton of calls from his friends constantly. Sometimes its nice to speak to them, sometimes its just overkill. I’ve also noticed that since living alone I’m actually scheduling more time with friends and going out. My point is, I think living alone forces me to actually be less lonely.

Lolli totally judges my eating habits :(



Now if you would excuse me, Lolli and I are gonna get into our hammer pants and tee-pee the neighbor’s house becuase we have all this extra toilet paper lying around.

That better be quilted.



Do you live alone? Have you ever? What was/is the best part about it? What did you hate about it?

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