Thanks, Mom.

by Eden on May 13, 2012

I’1ve written so much about my dad these past few weeks that you’d think my dad is a quintessential attention whore.

But he’s doesn’t have a blog or twitter account so he can’t be that much of an attention whore.

Today is not about my dad, or food, or how people need to stop taking pictures of coffee on instagram.

Today is Mother’s Day.

I’m sure most of you are out there out to brunch with your mama.

Or maybe she lives a little far so you send her an ecard or dare I say it, a snail-mail hallmark card.

Unfourtenatly, I can’t do that.

As my dad’s living his final days, I’ve actually been thinking a lot about my mother. I miss her more than ever before and I’m finding myself spending time with her old friends, sharing memories about her.

My mom's first wedding in 1970 (not to my dad)

So in memory of my mother, I’ve decided to write her a thank you card:

Hey mom,

This “Thank You” card is long overdue. But I figure wherever you are, you can read this.

Thank you.

Thank you for marrying dad.

Thanks for letting me crash you're wedding. Even though I was a "bastard".

Thank you for enduring all the pain when you gave birth to me (even though word on the street is that you were not shy to ask for drugs and I totally solute you on that).

Thank you for letting me dye my hair in 5th grade when all the other mothers were giving you the stink eye for letting me do it. You were the “cool” mom and they had sticks up their asses.

Me with my highlighted hair

Thanks for feeding me fresh fruits and vegetables along with Big Macs and Cadbury creme eggs (in other words thanks for giving me freedom to eat what I wanted).


Thanks for talking to me in other languages besides English.

"Oui", that is my underwear. Granny panties but I suppose better than comando?

Thanks for not always being perfect (even though I really wish you smoked less pot sometimes).

Thanks for sending me care-packages at sleepaway camp that looks like you raided the CVS candy aisle.

Thank you for telling me I was the most beautiful girl in the world, even if it was a lie.

Ok, half lie. I'm not that bad.

Thank you, for every thing you have done for me, thank you for every thing you have said,and for all the times when you said nothing and just listened.

Thanks mom.

I wish I could’ve had more time with you. But thanks for making me strong and instilling confidence in me that I can be ok without you or dad physically around for the rest of my life.

Because I know you’ll always be around.

In my heart and whenever I eat a Big Mac.





Happy mothers day to all the mothers and fathers that have to be mothers. Oh and cat/dog moms count too!

and don’t forget to tune into the first podcast club episode of the week Radiolab’s “The Bad Show”



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