Sites That Turn Your Old Clothes Into Cash

by Eden on December 10, 2014

Go look in your closet.

Go, do it!

Did it? No really, put down your phone/laptop/iPad and just DO IT!

I bet after a good look at your clothes, you’ll realize you probably wear 60% of it. That 40% that’s just sitting there collecting dust when you can easily turn it into cash. I decided to try out and review some sites that let you turn your closet into cash. YAY MONEY!

1. Tradesy

I’ve actually used this site to sell my clothes a many times with great success. I actually currently have a few listings too (you can check them out and even purchase them if you wish here). Tradesy has a nice, crisp layout and you can browse by brand. My favorite aspect of it is that their guidelines are not super strict and it’s not strictly designers (all my Lululemon tops that I’ve listed sold very quickly!).  Tradesy gives you a complete control over how much you want to list your items and they even retouch the images of the items you list to help them look professional. When someone buys your item, you get and email, confirm the sale, and Tradesy sends you a shipping kit. All you have to do it put your item inside and drop it at the post office. The best part is that Tradesy only takes 9% of each sale which is much less than other sites.


Poshmark takes a more social media centered approach in the sense that you can follow someone else’s closet and it’s got a major app component. You can sell, shop, and even throw a virtual “shopping party” with your friends (although personally none of my friends would think I’m really weird if I invited them to something like that). It has some familiarity cause its like following someone on Twitter or Instagram.  On each sale you make on Poshmark, you keep 80% of the sale price — but Poshmark sends you a shipping label.


3.ASOS Marktplace

This site lets you open up your own little boutique where you can sell that vintage dress you got ages ago but never ended up wearing it very often. Basically, you can open up your own little virtual thrift shop, kind of like Etsy. The only catch is that ASOS takes a 10% commission on the sale price. However, I do feel this site is very popular and there’s lot o great stuff that you can find and sell pretty much anything.



Twice has more of a hands-on approach in that they do most of the work for you. Perfect if you’re too busy to fuss to much over selling your stuff. You send them your clothes (you can print out a shipping label from the site) and they measure and photograph everything to sell to other users. The site has a calculator that will tell you what to expect to earn from a type of item (such as jeans) from a certain brand (like Levi’s vs Old Navy etc). You have less control over the process than you would with a site like Threadflip or Tradesy — but you are ensured to clean out your closet.



Shop-Hers is rather selective in that they only accept designer brands. You have the freedom to set your own prices, but they will charge you an 18% transaction fee for each item sold. I have never used it personally, but the layout is simple and I’ve heard people successfully sell their goods.


6. ThreadUp

This site is more like a consignment store. They buy directly from users and resells to buyers. They do make the whole process very easy; they send a clean-out bag, so all you need to do is fill it up and send it off with your mailman (and it ships back free), and then they just handle everything from there. The convenience means that sellers take a lower cut, earning a maximum of 80% of the resale price and like many other sites listed, they have rather strict guidelines on what brands it will accept, and what amount of wear.


There you have it.

Now, go sell those pants you thought were a good idea at the time.

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