How To Make Money While Watching Game of Thrones

by Eden on June 17, 2014

Money isn’t everything.

But it can buy a lot of really cool things like Nutella, 3D printers, and an HBO Go account so you can watch Game of Thrones!


And everyone, even rich people, won’t mind having more of it.

When I lost my last surviving parent two years ago, I knew very little about money. I still don’t know much, but I have learned a tremendous amount now that I’m completely financially independent.

I thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be great if I could make money doing nothing?”.

Indeed that sounds awesome. With some research and a sense of humor, I’m here to offer some ways you can binge-watch Netflix and make money at the same time.


1) Rent Out Extra Space

Even if your don’t own property, you can make a little money by renting out your room or apartment while you’re out of town or if you don’t mind having someone live with you.

The most popular site for this is “AirBnB” and tons of people I know use it with great success. This is great if you also tend to stay over at your boyfriend/girlfriend’s house most of the week and have an empty space just sitting there. Other sites that let you rent your rooms are “Room-o-rama” and “Homeaway” (although I have never used those two sites). Most sites offer great insurance policies and opportunities to write reviews so you more or less know who’s gonna stay in your home and it doesn’t feel as creepy.

This review is my personal favorite:


2) Rent Out Your Car

If you’re not using your car, why not rent it out?

There’s a cool site called “Relay Rides” that lets your rent out your car by the hour to people in your area. They also have a great insurance policy so you won’t be too worried if something should happen to your car. Other sites that provide a similar service are Getaround and Just Share It , although they are slightly less popular and I have never personally used it myself.

I just hope you don’t rent it out to dragon or a bear unless you’ve got the sword thing down.

life hack: don’t rent your car to a bear


3) Peer to Peer Lending

If you’re not flat out broke, you can maybe help out people or companies that are and make some profit.


If you have a little money, consider in making extra money with that money by doing some peer to peer lending. You can do it online by joining a site like LendingClub.

If you’ve got $1,000 that you don’t need immediately just sitting at a savings account at a bank, you’re probably only making a few pennies a month in interest. But if you become an investor at a peer to peer lending site like Lending Club, you could be making about $20 for that $1,000 per month.  Imagine if you invested even more money. Again, its still investing so you can’t be broke to start, but it’s an interesting passive income to consider.  


4) Rent Out Your Parking Space

Parking tickets aren’t getting any cheaper and most parking garages have extremely high parking day rates. Sites like ParkAtMyHouse and ParkingPanda can connect people looking for spots with people with available spots willing to rent them out. So if you have a home or apartment with some extra parking space, consider renting that space out.

Just make sure you actually have legit parking spot to begin with, none of that car tetris…


5) Create Something and License It

If you’re a photographer, there’s lots of stock image sites where you can license and sell your photos.

If you’re a musician or even a stand-up comedian, you can record an album and sell it on iTunes. Same goes for eBooks and other stuff you can create. Of course, this isn’t exactly an “effortless” way to make passive income and you may be a terrible musician/comedian/author , but it’s a way that is way more accessible than it was 10 years ago and it usually integrates something that is already a hobby.

Just don’t blame me if by the time you’re done reading this article you’re still broke and end up like this….

Do you have any passive income ideas? Let share and get rich!!!!

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