5 Ways To Make Your Hair A Little More Awesome

by Eden on August 27, 2012

Last week I post about how gorgeous I am.

I think I ticked off a few people, but I did get some emails and comments suggesting that I shut up about being pretty and spill some secrets about my hair.

This is just me being gorgeous and instagramming it so everyone will be aware of how smug I am

However, I can’t stand when bloggers are all:

“Guys, since SO many people are just dying to know how I get such fabulous hair, I’m gonna to spill the beans so I can feel like an expert and be inferior to all you ugly haired people”

The truth is, I’m not a hair expert.

However, one of my adopted mothers IS a hair expert and most of my knowledge of hair comes from her.


My adopted mom is the hair and make-up master behind my blog header

And of course, my real mother appreciated hair more than anybody I know because she spend about four years of her life being bald when she was doing chemo. My dad sadly learned to appreciate his coif too with his own recent battle with cancer.

Anyhow, here’s a few basic things that I think will help your hair be a little more awesome:


1) Calories

This is my number one secret.

Before I was properly nourished, my hair looked like someone who was terminally ill. It was useful when I wanted to get things from other people because they’d feel bad for me (thinking I’d die any day now), but it contributed greatly to my fuglyness.


(no photos available because I refused taking photographs of my nearly bald head at the time)


2) Don’t OD on the heat

I do use the hairdryer a few times a week, but I only bust out the curling iron for stuff like the academy awards or if I really really really like a guy. If I want waves or curls, I just put my hair in braids when its wet and sleep on it to wake up looking like Rapunzel.

After a night sleeping with french braids, I apparently look a little confused but at least my curls look good.

I use the straightening iron once a decade.

My point is, too much heat isn’t great for you hair and I’m just really too impatient to stand there with a burning hot tool over my head.


3) Wash Wisely

How often you wash your hair and how you wash it is important.

Critical, I tell ya.

I wash every other day because I have fairly normal hair (not dry and not too oily) but some hair types only require less and some might require more.  On days when my hair is oily but I washed my hair the day before, I might just put conditioner on the ends.  Also, wash your hair well. For years I’d half ass my hair washing cause I just didn’t want to spend time in the shower rubbing my scalp. This made my hair even oilier! Get up in there and wash well, giving your whole scalp a massage while you shampoo.


4) Choose A Good Brush

When I do blow-dry my hair to get that infamous, voluminous, vixen curls, I use this special pear shaped round brush called the “head hugger”.

(I’m not paid by the “head hugger” folks but will gladly accept free product or any sort of monetary compensation if the head hugger execs are reading this)

I got it at Superdrug over in London but I saw that its sold online on ebay and directly from the company.


5) Thank Your Parents and Be Yourself

At the end of the day, your hair has a lot to do with your genes.

I got my dad’s wavy hair but my mom’s fullness. As far as color, I think defiently got my dad’s because we were both blonde as kids but “brownies” as adults.

Looks like highlights but no, I’m just blessed with awesome genes.

Anyhow, there’s really not much you can do about your genes at this point but just learn to work what you’ve got and stop trying to make your hair something its simply not.




And….For those curly tops out there

My hair isn’t curly, but my mother’s was and it was gorgeous.

My mom’s signature Jew fro.

Here’s what I picked up from her:

  • JUST BE CURLY!  I know you may be accustomed to changing the texture of your hair and embrace the lovely hair you were given. But I promise, once you can put down the straightening tools and products, you can embrace who you are and work to get the best possible curly version of you.
  • Brush your hair in the shower: my mom never brushed her super curly hair when it was dry. Cause the one time I saw her do it, Einstein started to look like a Pantene model next to her. 
  • Deep condition: of course, this may vary on your hair type, but most curly tops I know thrive off deep conditioner.



What kind of hair do you have? Do you like it? Any hair woes you’d like to share (not that I can help much but its nice to share our grievances together).

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