5 Things That Totally Need To Have Groupons!

by Eden on February 19, 2015

The group buying site “Groupon” is known for offering daily deals and discounts for restaurants, retail stores, salons, spas and even random things and lady urinal solutions.

What’s more appealing than scoring a $100 massage for $30 or getting a meal valued at $50 for $20?! People love discounts so this is a great business model, however I feel like there’s just some things in life that REALLY need Groupons WAY more than that $30 massage or discount for lady urinal.

Here are things that should totally have Groupons:


1. Health Insurance

With so many health insurance companies out there competing for your health and wallet, I’m actually a little surprised they haven’t tried to compete for more customers using Groupon. Granted, some of us would probably be terrified to purchase health insurance through anything that involves a “deal”. But hey, we actually NEED health insurance and it ain’t cheap!


2. Real Estate

Man, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could buy like 4 duplexes for the price of one and play landlord?! Sure, it’ll probably lead to something like the bursting of the housing bubble in 2006 but the idea is interesting. Like health insurance, this will probably happen never, but can’t hurt to dream, right?

It’s like real life Monopoly!


3. Cable Bills

With Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu making more and more people cut the cable cord, I can sense cable companies are dying to hold on to their customers. Honestly, why aren’t they getting on Groupon already? I honestly think this will serve them. Instead, they seem to just keep increasing their rates which is totally fine cause I’m quite happy with sharing an HBO Go Password and having a Netflix subscription.


4. Farmer’s Markets

It’s cool that Groupon offers restaurant deals, but it’s usually not for the healthiest fare. I’m a big supporter of GMO-free produce and I think more people should be able to afford it. It would be really wonderful if local Farmer’s Markets offered Groupons on their goods. Maybe 3 bunches of carrots for the price of one? Or a free carton of free-range eggs with every pound of organic asparagus you buy? Listen up, farmers, get in on this!


5. Medications and Pharmaceuticals

We will all need medications and pharmacy related things at some point in our lives because we’re not immortal gods. We get sick, we break bones, we need condoms, we need diapers for when we forget about condoms, and sometimes we just want cheap drug-store ice cream. It would be super handy if Groupons for these types of things existed.

The GOOD news….

It actually sorta does! Groupon does offer coupons and that includes pharmacies! For example, you can check out their coupon for Walgreens. Pretty nifty, eh?

What you purchase is up to you…

What do you think desperately needs to get on the Groupon bandwagon? What had been the randomest item you’ve seen on Groupon?

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