5 Things Facebook Ruined

by Eden on September 8, 2013

Facebook connected billions, kept us in touch with distant family and friends.

It also totally ruined certain aspects of our lives like the following:


1) Getting Over Someone

When I was 13, I really liked this boy at summer camp, but he lived in Oregon so I knew nothing could happen. I never really saw or heard from him when summer camp was over and it was sorta easy to forget about him.
Now, getting over someone can be impossible with all the social media around. You’d have to unfriend them, unfollow them, nevermind the fact that you probably still have mutual friends that are virtually connected as well. The rise of social media also makes it increasingly difficult not to compare your life to other people‚Äôs. Thus making it ever so hard getting over someone.


2) Birthdays

I’ve said it before, Facebook ruined birthday wishes.

Nobody wants to get zero birthday wishes, but do you really want you’re very originally composed “happy birthday” Facebook wall post to be just another one in the pile?

I’ve publicly stated on Facebook that I will cease from wishing people birthday wishes on their wall. I’ll probably shoot you a private message, text, or day I say it, call you! Did you know phones can call people? I know, right?! Fascinating!


3) Relationships

Even though it’s never happened to me, I’ve witnessed a few relationships burst into blames with Facebook being at the root of it. It also certainly ruined what we perceive to be a “relationship”.

I never used to cringe when I saw wedding photos at someone’s house.

However, when I see them now, plastered on my Facebook feed with gushy status updates like “I have bestest hubby in the world!!!! XOXO, love you, pookey bear!!!”, I can’t help but be a little scared of getting married. I also don’t know why we have to prove on the internet how in love we are. If the love is there, you should feel confident enough in your relationship that you shouldn’t care if the person you’re seeing hasn’t changed their “relationship status”.


4) Smiley faces

Since when did this “:)”

turn to this


Yea, its like smiley faces on caps lock…or crack.


And finally, the most significant thing Facebook ruined….



Yep, Facebook ruined Facebook.

Remember when Facebook first started? It felt sort of exclusive, and dare I say it, it felt kinda “cool”.

Nowadays, your boss, mother, grandmother, and your grandmother’s poodle have Facebook. We can’t really post what we want without it offending someone. Facebook wanted to never cease growing and now the whole world and every advertiser is on it. Begging you to like their shit, like donating imaginary money to charity.

And after all is said and done, I still use Facebook.

Because where else can I check to see if the mean kids from high school got fugly?

Stay tuned for my next post about 5 things Facebook made better.


What do you think Facebook ruined? What do you use Facebook for mainly (marketing? staying in touch with family? stalking?)


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jack24 September 13, 2013 at 5:22 pm

only used it for about three months. never got into it prefer to talk or remain silent not compelled into constantly updating my life, like anyone really gives a damn


Amanda September 17, 2013 at 8:33 am


FB just made me start hating people more than I already did, which is saying a lot. I had to deactivate mine. So then I started a blog when I could bitch and whine and rant and rave :) I actually did a whole post about why I deactivated that is really similar to yours.


Lawfrog September 20, 2013 at 6:31 am

Amen, especially the getting over someone thing. I can’t tell you how often I’ve been a party to conversations in which my friends have described stalking their previous loves on Facebook. I have gently suggested they not do that and/or block the person because that would be the more mentally healthy thing to do. But no, no one takes my advice and they instead drag out for a year what should have been a three-month ordeal of getting over him. Le sigh.


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