3 Things To Make You Feel Better When You Feel Poopy

by Eden on October 13, 2012

I felt shitty this week.

I won’t list all my problems because its annoying, depressing, and none of your business.

Ever since my father passed away, I find more and more people asking me how I coped with losing both my parents before turning 25.

I won’t BS you, it was and IS fucking hard. It could be a lot worse and I’m thankful I have what I have but it sucks. Having a vicious history of a decade-long eating disorder, lots of people worry I’ll use it as some sort of coping mechanism. Either that, or alcohol, or pill, or lots of promiscuous sexy-time, or sniffing shit like high-lighters and glue.

But I can’t do any of that.

Because not having parents means I have to be my own parent. I need to start giving a damn about my well being.

So since we all have gone through those days where we feel like complete shit, I thought I’d offer my better ways to cope that I utilize:


1) Realize That Everyone Doesn’t Have a Clue

When I was a kid, I didn’t think I could navigate the adult world.

I still kinda don’t.

In high school, I was pressured by peers and teachers to be “successful” and focus on my future.  But one of the most valuable lessons I learned as an adult is that most adults are insecure about what they’re doing. Even people that seem like they’ve got it “together” have doubts. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, politicians, fishermen, Oprah…. I promise you.

Everyone is faking it or phoning it in to some degree and not matter what their diploma says, no one is an “expert”.

(especially if they preface anything they say with “trust me, I’m an expert”).


2) Stop complaining about things you can change

You know that friend that calls complaining that she hates Mondays (which is code for she hates her job) or that she hates her boyfriend or that she is so mad she wasted half her day pinning shit on pinterest?! Don’t you want to punch that friend or at least put do something like the picture below?

The bottom line, its useless to complain about stuff you have no control over.

Don’t like your job?

Quit and go after something better.

Boyfriend being a douche?

Break up with him already!

Wasting time on pinterest?! Go waste your time on the fancy!

My point is, this isn’t conducive to feeling less poopy, so just stop.


3) Laugh (even when you shouldn’t)

I think the only reason why I’ve gotten through the rough patch is because I’ve tried to find the humor of it all. Maybe that’s why most comedians come from formerly oppressed minority groups?

I’ve recently started to do stand up comedy and its really helped me enjoy my life a little more. I’m also realizing that a lot of comedy is based off life being shitty. Comedians simply find a way to laugh about it.

So bring on days I feel super shitty, I just think to myself:

“Bring it on, shit! I need some new material!”


What do you do when you feel especially crappy? Is there anything that people often tell you to do that doesn’t help?

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