10 Delicious Things You Can Make Out Of Melted Ice Cream

by Eden on August 5, 2014

Ice cream is pretty amazing and comes in so many forms these days, that even your “Oh, I don’t eat dairy/gluten/sugar/happiness” excuses won’t cut it.

But whether your ice cream is made out of coconut milk or chemicals, the one thing all ice creams have in common is that they’re frozen.

So when tragedy strikes and you find that a little too much heat has left you with a puddle of melted ice cream, have no fear!

Here’s some incredibly delicious things you can make out of that puddle of melted happiness:

1. Melted Ice Cream Bread Pudding with Whiskey Caramel

(recipe from Food & Wine, image via  Jackie Reeve)


2.  Sweet Loaf Bread

(recipe from Wonder How To, image via Instructables)


3. Pumpkin Pie

(via All Recipes)


4. Double Chocolate Ice Cream Pudding Pie

(via Serious Eats)


5. Vegan Chocolate Oat Cookies

(recipe and image via Vegan Richa)


6. Melted Ice Cream Hot Cocoa

(recipe and image via Babble)


7. Cupcake Glaze

(photo and recipe via Go Dairy Free)


8. Cherry Amaretto Vegan Loaf

(recipe and photo via Vegan Richa)


9. Vanilla Snack Cake

(recipe and photo via Savoury Table)


10. Mini Carrot Pudding Pies

(recipe via Freutcake, image via Erin Phraner)


Ok, I bet your actually waiting for your ice cream to melt at this point, eh?

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