What I Wear With My Bear

by Eden on January 15, 2015

I have a hard time embracing the term “fashion blogger”.

Although some fashion blogs are wonderfully creative and inspiring, I find that many bore me. It seems like most fashion blogs belong to people that were a little too short to sign with a major modeling agency and had boyfriends/husbands that could photograph them nicely.

I’ve always appreciated fashion, styling, and design, but as a comedy writer, nobody gives a shit about that.

So I’ve decided to try to combine the two.

I’ll try my best to compose and style interesting outfits while showcasing them with a sense of humor. Since I don’t have a boyfriend who’s a photographer, every look for my fashion blogging series will be about my relationship with my “boyfriend”, Mr. Mittens.

Mr. Mittens is a big white bear. I don’t know what kind of bear he is but I’ve never seen anything like him on National Geographic or the zoo, so I have faith he won’t eat me. I met him on Tinder, obviously.

This is look is from our first date which was a lovely picnic. Picnic’s are so fun with Mr. Mittens because he doesn’t eat anything since he’s made of cloth. This means more food for me!






For this look I’m wearing:

these Report boots from DAILYLOOK

this shirt from DAILYLOOK

and a TopShop romper.

Photography by: Noam Nizzani (brilliant photographer, anybody in So Cal that needs a good one, this guy is AWESOME!)

Makeup and hair by: Dorit Genazzani (also, FABULOUS hair and makeup wizard!)


Hope you stay along for the ride in the comedy/fashion cocktail I’m trying to navigate. Who know’s where this relationship with this bear can go?


After all, this is Hollywood, and there’s like 20 other stuffed animals on Tinder waiting for me!


I don’t understand how anyone gets away with asking anyone anything these days thanks to Google.

When I was a kid, I had to go to a library or dare I say it, just be content with not knowing the answer to everything.

These days, we no longer need to wonder or be curious. We can Google any query our minds can conjure.

Conveniently, I Googled what the most Googled fashion questions were in 2014 and they were as follows:

1. How to wear a scarf

2. What to wear to a wedding

3. What to wear to an interview

4. What to wear on a first date

5. What to wear to a concert


Obviously, people were busy this year getting jobs, going to wedding/concerts, and dating.

I’m not claiming to be an expert but I do have a sense of humor and maybe some sense of style so I thought I’d answer some of these Googled questions.

1) How to wear a scarf

This question is strange because there’s no right or wrong answer and the countless ways to wear a scarf can be overwhelming. Just look at SOME of the ways:

It’s all a bit intimidating! Pinterest has millions of boards dedicated to intricate ways to wear a scarf and YouTube has millions of video tutorials. Not to mention every fashion blogger has at least one post about how to wear a scarf amidst their archives, as if ANYONE is really an expert on this simple thing. The truth is, no one has any idea how to wear scarves. They’re a simple accessory but they somehow baffle everyone to have to resort to making it Google’s top fashion question.

My favorite way?

Just wrap it around however you like! And if all else fails, just wrap it around an animal. Trust me, anything looks good on pet.


2. What To Wear To A Wedding?

Definitely wear a white dress!

The bigger the better! White looks good on everyone and the bride doesn’t need the extra attention anyway!

Something like this might be perfect:

Also note: this also makes for a great first date outfit!

3. What To Wear To An Interview?

I feel like when someone typed this question into Google, Google need to spit out and respond “What’s the interview for?!”.

Seriously, the context of the interview is basically the answer.

Applying for a nanny job? Maybe a pant suit is a little over-the-top. But if you’re applying at a bank or legal office, it might be perfect.

Personally, I’m a minimalist and will keep simple. I’d stick to solid colors (no crazy logos) and simple shoes. The most important thing I think about what you wear to an interview is that it’s CLEAN. No one will be impressed with a shirt that looks like you haven’t had a laundry day since 1998. Plus, an foul oder will make most people not want to work with or around you.

4. What to Wear on A First Date

First, make sure if this is really a date. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked myself,

“wait, is this like a DATE date?”.

If it is, wear what you feel most confident yet comfortable in (unless your “date” invited you to the Oscars, in which case I suggest you forget my advice and hire a professional stylist). And definitely don’t wear a wedding dress cause it might make you look a tad desperate.

5. What To Wear To A Concert

Like the rest of the questions, this questions begs for follow up questions.

Concert can be anything from an orchestra to Coachella.

Not matter what, comfort is key. I suggest comfy, closed toe shoes in case people feel the need to stampede and crowd surf.

If you’re hoping to sleep with one of the band-members a la “Penny Lane”, I suppose dressing up really slutty can’t hurt.


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